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Economic and Financial Consultants

    Utility & Insurance Regulation
    • Capital Structure & Cost Studies; Business Line Risk Analyses & Hurdle Rates; DCF, RP & CAPM Applications; Merger & Acquisition Financing Arrangements.
    • Tariff and Rate Design, Structure & Service Terms; Marginal and Embedded Cost Studies; Jurisdictional Cost Separations & Allocations; Customer Class Cost Studies; Wholesale & Retail Pricing; and Special Contract Rates.
    • Cash Flow & IRR Modeling; Profit & Contingency Loadings; Supply & Profit Adequacy Studies; Diversification Impact Assessments; Line and Main Extension Connection Fees.
    • Affiliate Transactions Studies; Corporate & Common Cost Assignments; Cost Allocation Manuals; Arm's Length & Competitive Standards Testing.
    • Compliance Filing Examinations; Industry Restructuring Plans; Service Quality Testing; Market Structure & Performance Analyses; Load Forecasting Studies.
    • Statistical and Econometric Modeling; Load and Energy forecasting; Benefit/Cost Determinations.
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