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TAI fulfills the needs of clients within its areas of practice through strategic analyses, research studies, and expert reports prepared using contemporary quantitative techniques capable of withstanding critical scrutiny, as well as under the "hands-on" direction and supervision of one or more senior professional staff. Many of TAI's engagements involve the building and application of computerized economic/financial models that replicate historic operating structures and forecast probable future outcomes with high degrees of precision. A sampling of the specialized expert consulting services rendered by TAI in its areas of practice includes:

  • Multiple Regression Forecasts of on-line lottery sales by year, locality, and type of game, as well as the corresponding number and geographic distribution of required sales outlets, based on demographic and economic profiles of player populations.

  • Internal Rate of Return Model Simulations of the temporal patterns of premiums, losses, expenses, and other dimensions of insurance transactions so as to establish appropriate price levels and profit loadings by line of business.

  • Econometric Reconstructions of the distribution of new vehicles supplies to some 900 auto dealers that would have occurred annually during the 1975-95 period in the absence of a nationwide bribery scheme, using interlinked econometric models and Monte Carlo techniques that captured historic supply/demand relationships at high levels of statistical significance.

  • Benefit/Cost Measurements of alternative buy or lease options available to cities and counties in evaluating the most cost-effective means of delivering street and traffic lighting services to citizens at varying levels of planned and contingent maintenance requirements.

  • Long-Run Incremental Costing and wholesale pricing of the unbundled elements comprising the local telecommunication networks of Bell Atlantic, GTE, Sprint, NYNEX, Southwestern Bell, US West, Bell South, and SNET.

  • Project Feasibility/Economic Impact Assessments of the merger of two large electric utilities with adjoining Mid-Atlantic service territories, the abandonment of a rail-line connecting the U.S. and Mexico, the construction of a 300-mile minemouth coal slurry pipeline to East-Coast ports, a leveraged buy-out of a prominent shoe manufacturer, the redeployment of a precious metals mine in The Yukon at alternative world ore prices, and the acquisition of a national title insurer by a principal competitor.

The expert consulting services of TAI are retained by clients (often through referrals) to secure unique approaches to decision-making and/or to obtain the results of research investigations performed in a timely, credible, and independent manner. The integrity of the work completed by TAI is underscored by the expert witness appearances of its senior professional staff. On more than 1,000 occasions during its 30-year corporate history, one or more of these experts have represented clients in proceedings before municipal, state, and federal courts, as well as administrative, legislative, and regulatory agencies in several provinces in Canada and more than 40 states in the U.S.
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