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David C. Parcell, MA, MBA, CRRA
President/Senior Economist

Mr. Parcell is a nationally recognized authority on capital costs, rates of return and other matters pertinent to the determination of adequate and inadequate levels of investment and business profitability. As a co-founder in 1969, Mr. Parcell has directed most of the firm's work with respect to mergers and acquisitions project financial feasibility, and economic impact assessments. Mr. Parcell has been qualified as an expert witness regarding these and associated topics on more than 600 occasions in over 30 states and several Canadian provinces.

Mr. Parcell is a member of the Society of Utility and Regulatory Financial Analysts (SURFA) and presently serves as its President. The Cost of Capital - A Practitioner's Guide authored by Mr. Parcell is the study reference recommended to applicants seeking to qualify for the designation of Certified Rate of Return Analyst (CRRA) awarded by SURFA.

Glenn A. Watkins, MBA, CRRA
Executive Vice President/Senior Economist

Mr. Watkins is a former load forecaster for one of the nation's largest electrical co-operatives. In addition to continuing with demand, energy, and other types of utility service forecasting, Mr. Watkins directs many of TAI'S engagements that necessitate econometric and/or statistical applications. He has appeared on behalf of clients as an expert witness regarding these matters, as well as with respect to costing and pricing methodologies requiring intricate computerization techniques.

Mr. Watkins also has been accepted by several courts during his professional career as an expert in the determination of economic damages, and by regulatory agencies in numerous states regarding utility cost allocation and rate design issues. He holds a MBA from Virginia Commonwealth University and is a Certified Rate of Return Analyst (CRRA).

Kenneth C. Strobl, MS, PE
Vice President/Senior Engineer

Mr. Strobl has supervised much of TAI's work on engagements requiring sophisticated technical analyses, such as with respect to the causes and resulting electrical output damages of a coal-pulverizer failure, the computerized routing of a high-voltage transmission line simultaneously minimizing economic and environmental costs, the feasibility of a short-haul railroad, and the sets of unbundled local network elements necessary to provide alternative telecommunication services.

Mr. Strobl has appeared as an expert witness regarding these matters before a number of courts and administrative bodies, as well as with respect to a variety of line of business cost separation and allocation issues. He is a former President of the Richmond Society of Professional Engineers and holds an M.S. in Engineering Mechanics from Virginia Tech.

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